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Wednesday, May 04, 2005


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Pr Bill otf


Thank you for posting this powerful picture and the commentary describing it. I shared the picture with my wife who teaches high school photojournalism. She is planning on using it in her classes as a teaching tool,
both for the technical aspects of photojournalism and as a discussion starter on the horror of war. Many of her students live below the poverty level and make marginal grades. The military is often their only choice of escape. Hopefully they will better know what they may face in their career and can begin to prepare for it.

For me the picture brought back memories of other pictures. The fire fighter carrying a baby from the devastation of the Murrah building in OKC. The young girl who had been napalmed in Viet Nam running down the road. A wonderful opportunity to pause and pray for Major Bieger and his troops, for the family of the little girl, for all who live in the horror of war and man's cruelty.


Who could critize our soldiers after seeing a picture like this? They are the some of the greatest people to walk the planet. God bless them.

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