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Sunday, December 19, 2004


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Frank Villon

Hear, hear! As a conservative and an Arizona native from 3 generations of Arizona natives, I wish to apologize to the entire country for that walking talking hemorrhoid known as John McCain. In my own defense, let me say that I didn't vote for him. He has only been re-elected for the same reason that Ted Kennedy gets re-elected time and again. Like Ted Kennedy he just gets more bloated and more revolting each day, but he's a lifetime professional politician. He doesn't represent me or any other conservative Arizonan any longer and he hasn't done so for years.

If it's any consolation to the rest of you outside of Arizona, at least you don't have to put up with the shame and embarrassment of him being a senator from your state. How would you like your family's own mongoloid idiot as the representative for your entire family? That's how conservative Arizonans feel about John McCain. I refuse to give him the honorific of "Senator" for he is not honorable. There may have been a time when he was, but that is ancient history. Sad, sad, sad.


OK, I just stumbled upon this blog, read what was said and have a few simple remarks to make. I am a member of the WI based national guard unit (1-128th Infantry) that was attached to the 278th ACR. I was at camp Buerhing when that question was asked, however I was not personally present at that "meet n greet"

What I can tell you, if you look on my site there are pictures of vehicles we took (i personally convoyed into Iraq) that were nowhere near armored.. ALL we had, was scrap pieces of old, shot up armored steel that we "ghetto rigged" onto SOME of the vehicles. And, as for the 24 hours after that question was asked.. we left Buerhing approx. 5 days after that question was asked.. and as of that time, MOST of our vehicles had little or no armor protection. The level 1-3 kits they are refering to, well... Our vehicles weren't completed untill about a month before we left Iraq. so, it was more like 12 months after that question was asked that vehicles were indeed completed and armored with "official" level 1-3 kits (which offer very limited protection anyhow) there are pictures I personally have of us on missions in Iraq (most are on my site) showing the vehicles that were mixed within our platoons.. anyhow, I am rambling.. but what I basically wanted to say is that statement is BS.. complete BS.. but, I guess I'm not suprised :-) have a nice day all.. if you want to check out the pictures I am refering to my web site is

take care

Billy B

John McCain is the worst senator ever to represent the State of Arizona. He has done absolutely nothing for us. Our freeways are choked and way undersized while we can't keep the sucker off the TV. He has to run his mouth off about every issue. He is a worthless US Senator. I wish we could fire him or impeach him.

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