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Wednesday, September 15, 2004


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Steve McMillan

Thanks for sharing that Rick. I'll be tuning for the show - if I can stay awake for it (it starts at 10:00 my time). I've got the book that the show is based on and it is definately thought provoking - as in - it made me think and I was provoked by some of the thoughts it made me think!

At our house these days before we eat we each grab our cups and then clink them together as one of us says, "Thanks God for grace, life and good fun!" Then together we say "Oh Yes!"

I'm thinking that likely faith is not an all or none proposition. God sees the heart of things and likely doubles over with laughter the way we try to get it all figured and plot ourselves here or there. Maybe our best theology is like my kids drawing on the fridge. I love it, hang it up and I'm proud of who made it - but what the heck is it?! I'm just glad they are sharing it with me.


thanks, Pastor Steve. What your comment has reminded me is not to take it all so deathly seriously, to take the faith I've got and live it, "Thanks God for grace, life and good fun!" Then together we say "Oh Yes!"


Thanks Rick for bearing your heart with the same thoughts that have at times been in all our hearts! Even King David in the Psalms often said the same things you have shared! Things like, "Where are you God when my enemies surround me...etc!" Psalm 22 is esp. appropriate, Jesus even quoted from it while on Calvary!

Hang in there with the scriptures, it is there our 'faith' ultimately lands.

Ah, life is a passage. Some of us are sent along the 'scenic route' vs the freeway. Sounds as though you exited onto the scenic route and oh what glorious sites there are to see. I 'enjoyed' the first part of the PBS program very much, but always chuckle a bit inside when people talk about God with all their intellectual strength, but fail to mention two important words: gifts and grace. We each have unique gifts and it seems as though grace touches each of us (or not in some cases...) in different ways. Keep up the good work and God bless.


I'd like to share Bob george's web-site with you, Bob is perhaps the greatest Christian teacher alive. His book "Classic Christianity" is life changing, as it teaches Jesus as He was on earth,the New Gospel of Grace ushered in with His resurrection,and the truth of Bod's Word with such clarity and understanding your heart will ressonant it's authenticity. .This world is awash in error. The opposite of error is truth. The truth is exhilarating. Take a peak at the multitude of broadcasts and teachings available to listen to also. May you be refreshed!

Sam Beresford

I would very much like to use this photo on a profile on

If I don't hear from you, I shall assume that it is okay and use it. I am assuming that you own rights to it. If you don't, please tell me who does and I will ask them.

Sam B.

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