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Wednesday, August 25, 2004


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JA Stratton

In the comments of Maj. Gen. (ret.) Patrick Brady,One can get a glimpse into the mind and manor of an Honorable Veteran. Our nation is truly indebted to men such as these. This quality is not uncommon among the men who have been awarded the Medal of Honor, our nations highest recognition of courage under fire.

When my son, a US Marine now serving in Iraq, graduated from boot camp in San Diego, Calif. My wife and I toured the Marine Corps Museum escorted by our new Marine. There they have a wall of all the Marines that have received the Medal of Honor, and the story of what they did, the sacrifice they made to save a life, or carry out a mission. Their actions are truly incredible. One is awed by their overwhelming dedication. As Maj General Brady stated, one gets the image of these men as the type that would consider them selves as caretakers of their medals. I should add that all of them had many medals indicating a trend of sacrifice and leadership. Many had more than one Purple Heart. I’d wager none of them had a band-aid put on their wound and returned to duty. Maybe stitches and bandages and then left the hospital early to return to their units.

There are MEN then there is kerry.

There are HEROS then there is kerry.

As for kerry’s charges concerning US military in action, this is one I participated in:

It was sometime in May, or June of 68. We, part of the Mobile Riverine Force, we going down a river perhaps 70 yards wide. My boat was in the lead. Just as we passed a hooch with the area around it carved out of the jungle about 30 yds back and 100 yds along the river bank. We saw an old man sitting smoking a pipe in front and a water buffalo walking along. This was usually an indication of no VC. Suddenly the jungle erupted in enemy fire, automatic weapons and rockets flying. Some coming from the hooch with the old man sitting out front. We opened up returning fire with the considerable armament we carried much more than the swift boats. During that firefight, 20 some VC were killed, but the old man and the water buffalo were unhurt. I guess we all figured the same if it wasn’t shooting at us don’t kill it. The old man was forced to sit there smoking and wave at us by the VC. They died he lived. This kind of discretion and control was common among the men I served with.

Thank you Maj Gen Brady for all you have done.

FYI: The Medal of Honor is saluted separately from the barer.


Ummm, please don't ever refer to me as "nobility". What an entirely un-American thought.



Maybe you're not 'nobility' per se...

But what you and other vets do is noble, without question.

Dan Snyder

Some people get vaccinated against measeles, others come down with a full blown case. Kerry got innoculated against military ethics, and never got the full blown case that Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady got. I am proud to have served my country for twenty two years as a submariner, and would do it again if necessary, but Kerry ran as fast and as far from his fellow warriors as he could, and made friends with the other side. Not only does this show his lack of ability to lead, it shows cowardace of the greatest kind. His testamony before congress was not fact, it was the ravings of a mad man.

Steve Soha

OOOOH RAH.....Master Gunnery Sergeant Steve Soha

Paul Boucher

Love you Patrick Brady. Look. Forward to our golf game in dallas and spending time with a very noble man!

Paul Boucher.

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